TAO Universal Blockchain Architecture

- TAO target to interconnect Blockchains Peer2Peer Architecture.

- Develop iTAO (Light-weight Faster IoTChain and TAM(TrustApplicationMachine) Execute a SmartContract on Light-Weight IoT Sensor Devices

- Any Kind of Devices on blockchain, includes Light-weight IoT Sensor devices

TAO Hybrid Blockchain Architecture GreenPaper Abstract Presentation.

TEO Project is Begining of TAO Architecture

TEO Blockchain is ReOrigin the Ethereum.

TEO Abstract Whitepaper and Exchange Application Paper v0.921

World First TETHASHV1 ETH-AntiASIC Blockchain on LIVE!!

Mining reward is also returned to 5TEO. Community Bounty Funds 0.5TEO, It is for contents creators and consumers, not own by dev. And TEO adapt new POW algorithm prevent Centralized ASIC Mining. It is more fair efficienct mining algorithm.
You can get current network information and statistics.
Go to https://explorer.tao.foundation sites.

TEO Airdrop on ETH/ETC Holders

It has completed TEO Airdrop to ETH/ETC Holder, 3.4M Ethereum Accounts and 200K EthereumClassic Account with around 10M TEO Coins.
More Latest information is updated on project forum and github
AirDrop Progress on Forum
TEO project github

TEO Funds Allocation plan

Total Supply Limit around 200M TEO.
And Overall Initial Fund Allocation and Usages Still based on TEO TestNet Bounty Program v0.3 Programs.
You can contribute to this project and you can get rewards and early access of this projects.

Exchange List

P2P market Bisq.Network

Mining Information ,Stats

Trust Ethash V1 Mining Stats
TEO Miner Release Tab
TEO on CoinGecko TEO on CoinLIB

Wallet Usages , Compatible with ETH

Wallet Usages Overall Link

Latest Information Announcement and Forum

All Latest Announcement and Disscussion on TAO and TEO is on Forum Sites.
Go to Forum.tao.foundation
All realtime community chat and development chat on discord.
Go to Discord Channel of TAO.Foundation

You can instantly chat and communicate on Telegram.
Go to Telegram Channel


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